Purple Moon Design

Creative Works by Seattle Artist Stewart Wong

Our Heritage, Our Journey, Our Dreams

Artist Statement

Ron Ho and I originally collaborated on this work as part of the “Pathways to Pride” project in the International District. The original work was dedicated in 2001.

Our focus was the Asian American immigrant experience. The work tells the story of their relocation to the Pacific Northwest. It reflects on their roots in Asia and provides insights into their life in America: their contributions to the economy and influences on American culture.

Ron and I conceived the work as an exterior installation at the former Wing Luke location. In 2008, I refurbished and reinstalled the work in the Community Hall of the present location in the East Kong Yick building.

For the new installation, I embellished the environment adding overhead clouds, I framed archival images of Asian immigrants in reclaimed windows from the East Kong Yick building, applied a wave pattern across the wall to integrate the two concrete waves, and developed the Community Hall color scheme.

Commissioning Agency

Wing Luke Museum of the Asian American Experience


East Kong Yick Building, Wing Luke Museum, 719 S King St, Seattle, WA 98104 (Inside in the Community Hall)