Purple Moon Design

Creative Works by Seattle Artist Stewart Wong

View from Gold Mountain

A project of Mimesis Workshop Inc, Stewart Wong and Cheryll Leo-Gwin, resident artists.


The installation commemorates the 1882 landmark Yee Shun case, a victory in the fight against racism gaining the right for Chinese in America to testify in a court of law.
  • Circle of time: signifies wholeness and eternity. The circle of time features signifcant dates in the struggle for civil rights of Chinese Americans.
  • Spiral: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” (Attributed to Laozi or Confucius.) The Yee Shun case was one of the first steps of a long journey we are still traveling today.
  • Plumb: the primary feature of the installation. Not always at the center, it swings back and forth seeking balance in the rule of law.
  • Circle of time: delineated with a brass ring and stained concrete. It extends into the building and is reflected on the exterior wall.
  • Clouds: symbolize hopes and dreams.
  • Braided queue: the backbone of the sculpture. It represents the queue worn by Chinese men as well as Native Americans and men from other cultures. The braids three strands unwind at the top and support the three gourds.
  • Three gourds: sit at top of the plumb and represent the three branches of government. The independence of each is key to keeping balance in the rule of law.
  • Cloud seat: provides the opportunity for the viewer to put themselves in Yee Shun’s place, looking into the interior of the sculpture at the braid (the backbone of the sculpture) to see the tenacity of the Chinese and the strength of the rule of law.

Commissioning Agency

County of Bernalillo, New Mexico (Art in Public Places)